Aurore Fransolet Aurore Fransolet
Bonno Pel
Celia Burgaz Andrés
Edgar Battand Towa Kouokam
Edwin Zaccai
Eugénie Stoclet

PhD candidate in environmental sciences, Eugénie works on climate change impacts on water and on the perception of actors.

Fanny Lajarthe
Julien Vastenaekels
Kimberley Vandenhole
Maria Mancilla Garcia
Marine Lugen

Associate researcher. She specializes in climate change policies, climate change adaptation issues and North-South dimensions.

Michel Huart

Lecturer, specialist in energy and sustainability, and energy advisor at the ULB Vice-Rectorate for Sustainable Development.

Quentin Deforge Quentin Deforge

I am an FNRS post-doctoral researcher at the Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB), attached to the REPI (Research and studies in international politics), to SONYA (Socio-Environmental Dynamics Research Group), and to the IEE (Institute of European Studies). Since 2022, I have been conducting a research project on the role of critical raw materials in the energy transition, specifically looking at the lithium sector.

Romain Weikmans
Samuel Lietaer
Solène Sureau
Tais Sonetti Gonzalez Tais Sonetti Gonzalez
Tianran Ding
Tom Bauler

Tom Bauler holds the Chair "Environment&Economy" at ULB, and teaches and works in an Ecological Economy perspective. He is also President of the IGEAT-ULB, and Research Advisor to the Vice-Rector for Sustainable Development at ULB.

Wouter Achten
Updated on January 13, 2022