SONYA's members mainly teach within the Master's degree in Environmental Science and Management (Master en sciences et gestion de l'environnement). This Master trains actors capable of analyzing and responding to current and future environmental challenges. Its objective is to provide the knowledge and know-how essential to a critical, interdisciplinary and multidimensional approach to environmental problems. Learning is organized in the form of theoretical courses, exercises, seminars and projects, as well as through confrontations with practice (external speakers, field visits, sponsored projects, internship). This programme, whose origins date back to 1975, brings together students with diverse academic and professional backgrounds.


The Master is built around two distinct tracks, with complementary objectives: Management of the Environment and Environmental Sciences:
  • The Management of the Environment track (finalité Gestion de l’environnement) aims to develop students' abilities to understand, analyze and contribute to socio-environmental dynamics, from the local to the global level, from different perspectives and across multiple sectors. Graduates exercise their skills within companies, associations, NGOs, public, political and research bodies. This track is organized mainly by SONYA and more broadly, IGEAT.
  • The Environmental Sciences track (finalité Sciences de l'environnementis aimed at students with an interest in cutting-edge research in the field of observation and modeling of the global and regional natural environment. Graduates also find their place in public and private organizations to manage the more scientific aspects of the environmental issues addressed. This purpose is mainly organized by IGEOS.


Students end their cycle of studies with personal research work. Access the best dissertations produced as part of the Master's in Environmental Science and Management.
Updated on September 13, 2022