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Tais Sonetti Gonzalez

Tais Sonetti Gonzalez


Socioecological Systems
Regenerative Sustainability

Fields of research

My current research focuses on understanding how collaborative processes can contribute to the transformation towards regenerative sustainability in the São Francisco River Basin, Brazil. In addition, I explore how the infusion of relational and decolonial methodologies/ontologies can support transformation in transdisciplinary research. More broadly, I am interested in gender issues and intersectionality in all its dimensions.


  • Feminism(s) and Degrowth Alliance (FaDA) - Member of the Coordination group

Research projects

- ​Transition to sustainability and the water-agriculture-energy nexus: exploring an integrative approach to studies in the Cerrado and Caatinga biomes (Nexus)  - http://nexus.ccst.inpe.br/processo-participativo/​ ​ ​

​- ​​Science in action: intersecting pathways to the SDGs across scales in the drylands​ (XPaths)​​ -​ www.xpathsfutures.org

​- ​Forum theatre to enhance joint agency in Kenya and Mozambique: towards relational understandings of climate change (FoRel)​ -​ www.forumrelational.wordpress.com

- Amazon Governance to Enable Transformation to Sustainability Project (AGENTS)​ -​ https://agents.casel.indiana.edu/


González, T.S., Mancilla García, M., Tourne, D.C., Tengö, M., Brondizio, E.S., de Castro, F., Futemma, C. (In Review). How the entanglement of decolonial and process ontologies can support transformation in transdisciplinary research - from the Amazonian women farmers´ perspective. 
Ecosystems and People

Brondizio, E.S., Andersson, K., de Castro, F., Futemma, C., Salk, C., Tengö, M., Londres, M., Tourne, D.C., González, T.S., Molina-Garzón, A. and Lopes, G.R. (2021). Making place-based sustainability initiatives visible in the Brazilian Amazon. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, 49, pp.66-78.

Coelho-Junior, M.G., Iwama, A.Y., González, T.S., da Silva-Neto, E.C., Araos, F., Carolino, K., Campolina, D., Nogueira, A.S., do Nascimento, V., Dos Santos, R. and Perkins, P.E. (2020). Brazil’s policies threaten Quilombola communities and their lands amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Ecosystems and People, 16(1), pp.384-386.

Schneider, A., Hinton, J., Collste, D., González, T.S., Cortes-Calderon, S.V. and Aguiar, A.P.D. (2020). Can transnational corporations leverage systemic change towards a ‘sustainable’future?. Nature ecology & evolution, 4(4), pp.491-492.

Master Thesis

Understanding women's stewardship in the Amazon: A decolonial-process-relational perspective – Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm University, SE.

The Resistance of Indigenous Women a decolonial approach to the Case Study of Amazonian women from the Rio Negro – Department of Political Science – Stockholm University, SE.


Mulheres Indígenas – resiliência e participação política no Simpósio Temático: Mulheres indígenas e suas co-existências: inscrições etnográficas da relação entre gênero e terra, do 3o Congresso Internacional Povos Indígenas da América Latina (CIPIAL). - Indigenous Women – resilience and political participation in the Thematic Symposium: Indigenous women and their co-existence: ethnographic inscriptions on the relationship between gender and land, from the 3rd International Congress of Indigenous Peoples of Latin America (CIPIAL), 2019.

Multilevel cross-coalitions coordination for water use management in Brazil - Negotiating through global targets - Conference: XXIV International Conference of the Society for Human Ecology, 2021.


Mail: tais.sonetti.gonzalez@ulb.be
Office: DB6.244
Faculty of Sciences
Campus du Solbosch - CP 130/03
Avenue FD Roosevelt, 50 1050 Brussels

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