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SONYA’s first Research Day!

Publié le 27 juin 2023 Mis à jour le 27 juin 2023

With the idea of exchanging knowledge and aiming at greater integration of researchers, the Research Group organised a day of presentations and dialogues among researchers.

On the 22nd of June, the researchers that compose the socio-environmental dynamics research group, SONYA, assembled to discuss their research and ideas. The day allowed for meaningful interaction between researchers around three themes: Change and Transformation; Facts and Discourses; and Time and Events. The day also searched for ways to strengthen the group’s missions to produce research in tune with societal needs, supporting the researchers’ skill strengthening and interests, but also emerging from practices of knowledge co-production in a welcoming and plural space.

Early career researchers presented their work: Marie Chaidron on the history of hunting birds in Brussels; Kimberley Vandenhole on Eco-shaming; and Emy Scheer on families, parents, and sustainable practices. They received comments from Professors and senior researchers, respectively, Tom Bauler, Wouter Achten, and Quentin Deforge. On the other hand, SONYA’s researchers and postdocs Bonno Pel, Edgar Towa, and the team Aurore Fransolet-Julien Vastenaekels had their work and projects commented on by the doctoral candidates Taís González, Clarie Dénos, and Celia Burgaz Andrés.

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At the end of the day, we engaged in a group exercise to better understand common interests and to assemblage thematic groups to work on for the next six months. These groups will be working on emotions, possible and virtual futures and transdisciplinarity and decolonial thinking.
le 27 juin 2023