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New publication on food system policies by Celia Burgaz

Publié le 4 septembre 2023 Mis à jour le 4 septembre 2023

Are you curious about which policies or interventions governments can implement to achieve healthy and sustainable food systems? In this publication, our colleagues Celia and Wouter (and other scientists from Mexico, Argentina, New Zealand, Senegal, Kenya and Australia), conducted a scoping review to analyse the effect and effectiveness of different policies within food systems, from farm to fork.

The present scoping review has summarized the effectiveness of public policies/interventions that improve the population’s nutrition outcomes, nutrition-related inequalities, and environmental sustainability outcomes, and highlighted those with double- and triple-duty potential. Conclusions that can be drawn are that sustainable agriculture practices and school food programmes represent examples of triple-duty interventions, while food labelling, reformulation, in-store nudging interventions and fiscal measures have been shown to positively impact the double burden of malnutrition. Multi-component interventions were found to be the most effective to improve nutrition and inequalities. In summary, the existing literature provides some promising indications in terms of the potential role of governments in improving nutrition and dietary patterns among the population.


le 27 juin 2023