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Time as a social imaginary: deconstructing temporalities

Published on May 21, 2024 Updated on May 21, 2024

The second session of SONYA’s Inspiration Talks tackled time as a social imaginary and inspired researchers to deconstruct temporalities through speculative fabulation exercises.


SONYA started a new series of Inspiration Talks. These 2-hour sessions aim to bring together all SONYA researchers in a spirit of free debate, dialogue, discussion and reflection on sustainability research in the broadest sense. This series’ theme is Temporality – engaging with past-present-futures and beyond.

For this second session, researchers engaged in speculative fabulation exercises to question, reflect upon, and deconstruct hegemonic temporalities of modernity, including in their own work as researchers and lecturers. Two temporalities in particular were tackled: the idea of linear time and clock time. Sure the session contributed to a so-called “useful use of time”.

on the March 20, 2024