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FEB/VBO Circular Economy Chair - Science for a sustainable transition of companies


The goal of this research is to contribute to the transition of enterprises into the circular economy. A multi-dimensional circular economy opportunities’ assessment framework for companies will be analysed. Additionally, a set of criteria and strategies for companies to rethink and redesign their products and services to be better integrated into the circular economy will be introduced.
Furhtermore the chair will organize a series of workshops and seminars linked to circular economy.

The final output of the research will be a Circular Economy Transitioning Handbook covering: - an introduction to the circular economy, - transitioning into circular economy, appreciating the little steps of system innovation,
- the secret life of exnovation,
- barriers and drivers for a transitioning to a circular economy,
- transition in practice: a methodological framework to innovate business models into circularity


The circular economy chair is financed by the FEB-VBO (https://www.vbo-feb.be/)




Circular economy Sustainable transition, Sustainability evaluation



Upcoming : Circular Economy Transitioning Handbook

Updated on January 3, 2022