The goal of the ALGOTECH project is the development of a platform dedicated to microalgae cultivation, production and valorisation. This project is integrated into the Center for Research in Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Development (CEEDD) in Charleroi through collaboration between the various university teams, from approved research centers; and the possible installation, within it, of a number of technological developments, pilots and equipment. The project partners, which are Materia Nova, ULB and UCL, benefiting either from Feder funding or from a DGO6 supplement to carry out their project, already have an activity in the field and have contacts in the industrial world making it possible to achieve industrial valorisation in the long term. The project will create a partnership between university, research and industrial teams and the Center for Energy Efficiency of Charleroi in the field of the production and recovery of high potential microalgal biomass, both energy and non-energy.
The project is structured into 5 workpages (WP) in particular: 1. Development of a laboratory-scale microalgae production platform; 2. Metagenomic analyzes and Genetic adaptation; 3. Production of lipids and microalgal saccharides by exploiting photosynthetic microorganisms with adapted metabolism; 4. Non-energy valuation of microalgal biomass; 5. Life cycle analysis. ULB-IGEAT is responsible for this last WP, the aim of which is to carry out a life-cycle environmental assessment of the microalgae-based products resulting from the different pathways developed within the project with the finality to suggest ways to improve the environmental performance of these microalgae-based products.


FEDER (convention n°151098)


Involvement period of the ULB-IGEAT : 2018-2021


Materia Nova, l’ULB et l’UCL


Life cycle assessment, microalgae, energetic valorisation, non-energetic valorisation, biomethanisation.


Updated on January 11, 2022